Merchant Cash Advance

Increase Your Working Capital With a Merchant Cash Advance

Don’t wait for payday to expand your business operations or take advantage of an excellent investment opportunity. At Target Funding, we specialize in dynamic financing alternatives for business owners who need fast and flexible financing. Discover how a merchant cash advance can give you the cash you need to grow your business today.

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The Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

Unlike a traditional bank loan, a cash advance gives you a quick and easy form of financing for any expense you encounter. Whether you’re a small business facing an unexpected expense or a large company with an excellent investment opportunity, there’s plenty of ways to use a cash advance.
We offer advances against your future credit card sales. If you run a large number of credit card sales, you can receive those funds ahead of time to purchase inventory or pay your bills on time. When you choose our merchant cash advance program you’ll enjoy:

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Contact Target Funding today to find out how you can access your credit card sales today. With very little paperwork and no application fees you can get started today.

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