Accounts Receivable

A Risk-Free Way To Generate Real Capital

If your business doesn’t qualify for traditional loans and if you need access to a steady stream of working capital, talk to the financing team at Target Funding about accounts receivable financing. This type of financing, otherwise known as factoring, provides the liquidity your business needs to remain competitive, increase your output and decrease your turn around time. Learn more today.

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Who Benefits From Factoring

Factoring is not a loan, which makes it a great lending alternative for businesses of all sizes and in varying financial situations. Whether you struggle to stay in the black, are on the verge of bankruptcy or just want a low-risk way to increase your cash flow, financing receivables may be for you. To qualify, all you need to do is show that you own a business that sells products or services on an invoice basis and that you have a clientele with a strong credit history.

What You Get When You Choose Accounts Receivable Financing

When we approve an account for factoring, you will enjoy several benefits. Some such benefits are as follows:
When you sell your accounts receivables, you can use the money as you see fit. Whether you need to pay for operating expenses, want to expand your operations, need to invest in inventory or need to cover the cost of payroll, you’re free to use the proceeds as you please.

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