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Utilize the Latest Equipment Today With Equipment Financing

Heavy equipment and essential technology can be a major expense for businesses of any size. If you’re just starting a small business that requires the use of heavy machinery, you’ll likely be taking out a large loan before accepting customers. Established businesses can struggle to expand their services without going into debt. At Target Funding, we have dynamic equipment financing services to help you utilize the equipment you need.

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Fast and Competitive Financing

When you choose financing or leasing for your equipment, you’ll gain access to your equipment in as little as 24 hours. Equipment leasing and financing allow you to get started and earn the capital you need to pay for your machinery. Enjoy these advantages when working with Target Funding:

Financing is a path to owning your equipment outright. We’ll work with you to provide competitive rates and affordable payment options. Leasing offers the same immediate benefits, but gives you a few options at the end of the term. You can renew your lease, end your lease or upgrade to the latest model of your technological or heavy-duty business equipment.

Variety of Programs

Learn how your business can take advantage of industry-specific programs for greater flexibility or improved rates. If your company is a municipal or government institution, you’ll receive guaranteed approval on lease financing. We have specialized options for startups. If your company is less than two years old, you’ll enjoy financing targeted for businesses in your particular situation.

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Discover the benefits of flexible equipment financing. Contact Target Funding today to discuss the terms and find out if leasing or financing your equipment works for your specific equipment needs. We will work with you to find the best option to keep your business thriving.

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